From its modest beginnings more than 50 years ago, Ackermann© has grown into an instrument company well positioned to become a market leader in its product fields.

The name of Ackermann© is inseparably linked to surgical technology and creates tomorrow's medical technology.

The Ackermann© Instrumente Story

With more than five decades of experience in serving the medical community, Ackermann© is focused and striving towards a perfect environment of medical science and technology.
The medical equipment manufactured by Ackermann© results from a close collaboration between practising surgeons and specialists, to establish the most effective directions for the company's continuous process of development.

In addition to continuous R&D, the company prides itself on an extremely short product to market cycle, which has brought Ackermann© a significant market share in the fast changing area of endotechnology.

Ackermann© - Quality made in Germany

1954 A marvelous story begins – Ackermann© was founded as an OEM producer for ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments with its production soon to reach one of the leading positions in the world market.
1960 Ackermann© moves to its first own premises in Germany, to Weilheim.
1972 Ackermann© extends its operation to other fields as well.
1978 Ackermann© expands the range of products to titanium machined devices.
1988 Ackermann© enters the market of endoscopy as OEM producer the well-known marketing organizations in Tuttlingen, Germany.
1992 Ackermann© sets up an europeen distribution network, continues OEM business in the US market.
1995 Ackermann© produces the major part of reusable hand instruments for endoscopy of the world market.
2002 Ackermann© moves to its new international headquarters in Weilheim near Tuttlingen, Germany.
2003 Ackermann© continues to grow into the market of „resposable“ instrumentation and covers almost any speciality in endoscopy.
2007 The sales outlet Ackermann© Far East, China is established.
2011 Ackermann USA, Inc. is founded, a distribution outlet in Bayport, NY - USA.